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Add the license

You may have noticed that there was some information about the license in the previous section.

license info

In this case I have a developer license and that will enable the server to run for 8 hours with all features enabled.

Running without a license

If you start the server without a license you will see something like

no license

and the server will only run for 1 hour.

Registering the license

Regardless of the license type they are all registered in the same way. You have 2 recommended options.

Load from project root

Add the license file xsockets.license.x to the root of your project. Do not add it to a sub folder, place it directly at the root.

license in root

Then right click the license and choose Properties. Set the option copy to output directory to copy always

copy always

The license will now be copied to the bin folder and will be found by the server at startup. This option works well when hosting on Azure for example.

Load from disk

Save your license to disk, for example c:\temp\xsockets.license.x. Then add the location into the configuration file under app-settings

load from disk

The license will now be loaded from the location at startup.

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