Team XSockets.NET


We have a lot of ideas for the future when it comes to both server and clients. We are also looking into developer tools to make the process even easier!

If you have any ideas that you would like us to implement, let us know by sending a mail to [email protected]

Developer Tools

Test Tool

In this version we plan to include a new feature so that developers can test the server code without writing any client code. A web-based tool will be added that will let you see all controllers/methods and also call them with parameters. This will provide a quick way to test your server side functionality.

Flow Engine

A new package will be released! This new package will provide the possibility to build flows without writing a single line of code. By using the Roslyn compiler at the back-end we will let you define flows and test them. When ready you can also see the actual code since it will be regular XSockets modules.

This will also mean that you, as a developer, can write custom modules for the flow engine.


We have huge plans for the server in the future. We might not be able to squeeze it into a v5 version, but have lots of exciting ideas.



All our C-Sharp clients have improved very much over the last year. Especially for Xamarin with the network-detection and auto-reconnect features.


We recently re-wrote the javascript client into TypeScript, and we plan to do the same for the NodeJS client.

Support for new clients

We are planning to build a bunch of new clients in various languages. C++, Python, Java etc

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