The off method will dispose of a message handler. You might still get messages over the wire since it is RPC, but instead they will end up in the onMessage handler if you have such a handler.

The sample below will send messages on the topic 'foo' every 3 seconds when connected. The message handler for 'foo' will unregister after 3 messages with the method off('foo');. After the dispose of the message handler for foo, the messages will end up in the onMessage handler

    var conn = new xsockets.client('ws://localhost:4502', ['generic']);        
    var generic = conn.controller('generic');

    // For showing that messages end up here if there is no handler for the topic.
    generic.onMessage = function (d) {
        console.log('OnMessage MessageHandler', d);

    var maxFooAccpeted = 3;
    generic.on('foo', function(data) {
        if (maxFooAccpeted === 0)

        console.log('Foo MessageHandler', data);

    // Just for sending some data
    generic.onOpen = function(ci) {
        setInterval(function() {
            generic.invoke('foo', 'Hello world');
        }, 3000);

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