Our vision about real-time

Developers (at least web-developers) often think about WebSockets when real-time is mentioned. However, WebSockets is just a protocol. There is alot to say about regular HTTP vs WebSockets, but for now let's just say that HTTP is great for delivering static resources. When it comes to getting information after page load full-duplex (websockets) is the way to go. Historically developers used AJAX for this. AJAX served us well, but it is nothing more than a talented HTTP-hack.

Real-time communication is so much more than websockets and browsers. Our vision is that you should be able to connect anything to each other as long as there is TCP/IP. So, we do not care is it is a browser, a micro-controller, a BLE device with a TCP proxy etc. As long as you have TCP/IP you will be able to get a full-duplex connection. The protocol used may vary depending on the capability of the device/client, but they should all be able to communicate with each other.

XSockets is modular and allows developers to add (for example) custom protocols. This makes it easy to actually connect any device/client to XSockets. Once you are connected you can communicate with other clients regardless of protocol.

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