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Override Storage Methods

You can override all storage methods in the controller. For example you might add the Authorize attribute so that only clients that is authenticated can use storage methods.

The sample below only show the StorageSet method, but you can also override StorageClear, StorageGet, StorageRemove

using XSockets.Core.XSocket;
using System.Threading.Tasks;
using XSockets.Core.XSocket.Model;
using XSockets.Core.Common.Socket.Attributes;
using XSockets.Plugin.Framework;
using XSockets.Core.Common.Utility.Logging;

public class Sample : XSocketController
    public override Task StorageSet(XStorage storage)
        return base.StorageSet(storage);

    public override Task OnAuthorizationFailure(string methodName)
        Composable.GetExport<IXLogger>().Error("No access to {m}", methodName);
        return base.OnAuthorizationFailure(methodName);

So calling StorageSet without being authenticated will cause a error log like below.

storage error

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