Team XSockets.NET

What is XSockets?

XSockets is a framework that enables stateful real-time communication between any thing/device that has TCP/IP. The framework is built on a modular architecture which makes it very easy to add new (or replace existing) functionality.

Team XSockets has written many modules that is included by default, but you can always override/replace our modules if you do not like the default behavior.

Thanks to state XSockets provides an easy way of targeting a subset of clients. This is how complex communication scenarios can be done with a few lines of code.

The framework supports several different patterns of communication such as

The implementations often mix these patterns depending on the problem that is about to be solved.

More than websockets!

Most people that have heard about XSockets.NET think about websockets. This is natural since it all started with websockets, but websockets is just a protocol-module in XSockets. There is support for other protocols such as MQTT or just simple custom protocols to be able to connect any device over TCP/IP.

XSockets: "Targeted Real-Time Event Distribution"

by this we mean, that you can connect anything and still target a specific client (or clients) based on lambda expressions. You can to this without thinking about what protocol they use or what kind of client they have.

Complex communication made easy!

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