Team XSockets.NET

Clients Requirements

Since you can connect anything with TCP/IP to XSockets.NET it is hard to set the limitations for clients. Instead we list the clients and platforms we have built clients for. However, as you will see in the documentation you can easily create custom clients to any existing or new protocol.

The client implementations is not identical since (for example) Arduino is less capable than things that run C#

Language Target
C# .NET 4+ Windows Desktop
C# .NET 4.5 Windows Phone/Store
C# Xamarin Android/iOS
JavaScript (vanilla) Browsers
JavaScript (angularjs) Browsers
JavaScript (nodejs) Everything
C# NETMF 4.3 MicroControllers
C for Arduino MicroControllers
C for Photon MicroControllers

We have also tested simple clients from several other languages such as Erlang, PHP, Powershell etc. Since any language that can create a socket is a potential client, the choice is yours!

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